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12 weeks 1:1 Coaching Program.


Motherhood is a journey, like no other.

When a woman first becomes a mama, everything changes! Every mama will forever remember that first cry and that first skin-to-skin contact.
With all these new responsibilities, moms tend to push any self-care to the bottom of their daily to-do list thinking that it won’t be forever and that soon enough a routine will be established and that there will be more time for self-care.
As time goes by, we feel so blessed and joyful about raising our perfect kids. We homeschool so we spend tons of time outside exploring and by the dinner table (which has now become the homeschool desk) learning together new material every day.
Everything goes so great, until one day, we look in the mirror and don't recognize the reflection. We still feel blessed, but it feels like there is a missing piece. We don't feel confident anymore. We can't keep up with the energy our kids have. We become our
kids' life spectators, rather than active participants. And we want to make a change! We are so READY to find that confidence we were once spreading, we are ready to get our strength back.
Most of the homeschooling mamas struggle with not having enough time and not knowing what to do. Homeschooling has so many benefits for the whole family, but it has one disadvantage - YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! Which I love to convert to another benefit. You have a huge support and motivation team; your kids want to see you healthy and happy! At the same time, they are learning that taking care of your own body and mind is a must!
Being a homeschooling mama myself, I can totally understand your struggles and have a solution for YOUR particular case.
"These last three weeks working with Evgenia have been life changing! I am eating better, sleeping better, moving through my days with more intention and peace. I am looking forward to all the rewards that will come from choosing to care for myself, not only as my children’s mother and teacher, but as a woman worthy of love."                         


1. Focus on eating enough food and learning how to build a healthy and balanced meal.

2. Learning about important food groups and how to make sure they are present on your plate even when you are too busy to cook and eat! Meal Plan and Meal Prep for the whole family - How to make it faster and stress free!

3. Reach your fitness goals and improve your health while finally eating enough and NEVER thinking about dieting again!



1. How to fit in a particular daily move goal for your particular fitness target in your busy mama schedule.

2. Pelvic floor imbalance and abdominal wall separation? I got YOU!

3. Learn how to stop relying on pure motivation and create a CONSISTENT routine which will last!



1. Gain the confidence you deserve to have

2. Learn the technics which will help you stop that all-or-nothing mentality and daily procrastination.

3. Make yourself a priority and "pour from a full cup".

4. Mindset is a "muscle" which we tend to forget to work on! The Nourished Motherhood Program is a program where we strengthen both the physical and mental health so we can be better and stronger parents for our kids.

"Thanks to Evgeniia, I know now that fitness and health go far beyond just exercising and eating vegetables. I would recommend this program to any mama who wants not only to get healthier, but change her life once and for all."
From Evgenia:

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


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12 Weeks to Nourished Motherhood Program consists of:


1. Weekly educational modules dropped into your inbox.

2. Weekly progress check-in calls.

3. Nutrition, Movement and Mindset Support.

4. Private community of mamas. Safe and judgment free zone where you can ask questions, share stories and get support on your health journey! Weekly mindset coaching calls.


Don’t wait for the perfect time! Make the time perfect.